Concept from UVT GROUP of International airport terminal Chernovtsy

This year has been eventful for UVT GROUP team in the development of the interesting projects and company. One of the projects was the concept of a new airport terminal at the Chernivtsi. The customer was offered a technological solution – to combine the security services of domestic and international flights. After all, it improves logistics, while simultaneously accelerating the passage of passengers and saving the area of the building.

According to the assignment, to develop the concept, the new terminal should serve 200 passengers on international flights and 200 passengers on domestic flights per hour. Our solution meets all the necessary requirements, including ICAO, giving the opportunity to expand the terminal without changing the main production line in the future. The architecture of the building emphasizes the characteristic features of Chernivtsi. Part of the facade and roof repeats the pattern of the tiles of the outstanding Chernivtsi University named after Yuri Fedkovich. The building will be spacious and balanced in size, this will allow visitors to feel comfortable. Moreover, the building is relatively small compared to its peers. We understand how important it is to calculate the budget when creating a project. Therefore, in the framework of the concept, technical and economic indicators and a preliminary assessment of the project cost were provided. We hope the magical city of Chernivtsi will be able to implement this ambitious project, along with the reconstruction of the runway. Given the development of aviation around the world, the development of regional airports in our country should be a priority for the economic development of Ukraine as a whole. We are proud that our company has the experience and ability to contribute to this growth. We are building a country together.