UVT GROUP carries out project financial assessment following the architectural and engineering concept development, analysing the market cost of work and expenses.

Objective financial assessment affects directly the return terms on invested capital.

Fulfilling the financial assessment of the project, we calculate its payback indicators and together with the commercial group of customers find the most attractive ways for implementation and the fastest payback.

In particular, we calculate the following indicators:

  • NPV (Net Present Value) – net present value or net discounted income. It shows the difference between the current cost of outgoing cash flows (project implementation costs) and incoming revenues (return on these expenses) over a certain period of time.
  • ROI (Return on Investments) – indicator of efficiency, ratio of profit or loss from the project implementation regarding its
  • We consider all the main possible costs and project risksin such This allows a foreign investor to navigate the possible scenarios of the project.
  • We draw up an effective roadmap for successfulproject implementation, thus the customer observe the ways to achieve project

Our projects are not only good, but also economically sound.

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