Our company offers construction consulting services, which allows clients to receive professional advice and expert evaluations on any issues related to construction projects: site selection, preliminary concept, project evaluation, finding ways to implement the project, developing project roadmaps, etc.

Our specialists have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of construction, which allows us to provide our clients with professional advice and assistance in solving any tasks related to construction projects, reconstruction projects, or restoration projects.

We provide services such as analysis of existing projects or organization of new ones, risk assessment, project management, expert evaluations, preparation of documentation, specifications, compliance with standards and legislation, and many others.
Our services will help our clients reduce risk, improve project efficiency and ensure compliance with quality requirements and standards. Construction consulting is an important part of any construction project, and its effective use helps clients succeed in the construction industry.

Our construction consulting services will help our clients get the most out of any construction project and ensure its successful completion. Contact us for any questions related to construction projects and we will provide you with professional advice and assistance.

Construction consulting covers a wide range of works and services related to project construction. The main works included in construction consulting include:
1. Analysis of the client’s needs and determination of his goal.
2. Assessment of potential risks and determination of strategies for their reduction.
3. Drawing up a project plan and determining the resources needed for its implementation.
4. Development of an investment strategy and project financing plan.
5. Compliance with standards and legislation related to construction.
6. Selection of contractors and control over their work.
7. Project management and ensuring its implementation within the planned terms and budget.
8. Expert assessment of the project and preparation of relevant documentation.
9. Assistance with issuing construction permits and coordination with state administration bodies.
10. Consulting and assistance on any issues related to the construction of the project.
Each project is unique, so the list of works may vary depending on the specific situation. However, construction consulting always provides a full cycle of construction project management and includes various actions necessary to achieve a successful result.

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