UVT GROUP operates mostly projects with the highest category of consequences СС3. Our portfolio includes airport terminals, shopping, office, and residential complexes, hotels both in Ukraine and abroad.

It’s up to us to develop a unique architectural project for our customers from scratch using our vision, skills, and the newest technologies applied in general design today. We are one of the industry leaders in BIM, VR, and AR technologies and combine digital technology, design, and engineering as one when developing architects’ projects and implementing them in reality.

Our main work areas are as follows:

  • General design as is – we develop the structure of a future construction and combine functionality with aesthetics on the highest level meeting the needs of customers, future users’ experiences, and the requirements for the project;
  • BIM management and information modeling of buildings and structures. We ensure that even the smallest detail and feature will be implemented in our architectural projects due to the use of various technical means and computer technologies which help to provide seamless modeling and optimization.
  • Project management is what you can rely on us. Our team provides high-leveled construction project management services from the first stage to the final release and commissioning.

Our team performs all project activities such as:

  • architectural, constructive, and necessary engineering sections;
  • building information modeling (BIM);
  • mathematical modeling of flows of people, evacuation, transport, etc.;
  • interior design;
  • support of building construction and projects, obtaining permits, etc.

Our numerous architecture projects have been awarded special architectural awards, in particular, our winning-awarded architects’ projects include the passenger terminal of the Zaporizhia International Airport and the Karavan shopping center as the best renovation project, which was highly evaluated by the experts on project architecture international competitions.

Besides municipal and infrastructure projects, we offer to appreciate our general design services in the field of hi-raise constructions, development of industrial facility projects, and private construction. We are open to cooperation with everyone who wants to implement innovative and safe architects project both in Ukraine and abroad. There are no borders for our work, as our general designers provide the highest level of expertise and obtained licensing to work successfully both with local and international customers.

Implementing an International Project of Architecture in Ukraine Is Easy With UVT GROUP

Being a Ukrainian company engaged in architecture project design, we clearly understand how to implement foreign ideas and technologies in our country’s reality, including the legislation process and development of documentation. Thus, we help to implement proficiently or adapt project documentation for foreign projects in Ukraine, ensure sufficient quality and content for state construction expertise, and obtain permits for operation launch and commissioning.

Get in touch with general design specialists from UVT GROUP to ensure further success of your construction idea.

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