UVT GROUP has extensive experience in developing architectural and engineering concepts and buildings with the highest complexity that have been performed and successfully used. Our portfolio includes shopping centers, civil aviation facilities, office and residential complexes, energy-efficient buildings, hotels as well as reconstruction or renovation concepts for industrial facilities.

What Is Architectural Concept and What It Impacts

When you decide to develop a building, what do you need the most? It is a concept of architectural design, no doubt. It is a fundamental idea of what would the future project look like, what it is needed for, and which functions it will perform. Consider architecture concepts as a preliminary vision of a future result implemented under the guidance of professional architects and engineers.

The key idea of developing an architecture concept is to meet numerous expectations. In UVT GROUP, we focus on several features in the development of the concepts of architecture design, including the following ones:

  • Meeting functional and technical requirements provided by the customer. What is the construction? What functions it will carry out? Everything is considered during the development of the architecture concept.
  • Taking into account cultural and environmental elements to create the project which will fit the construction site, the landscape, and the cultural heritage of the area.
  • Implementing social messages and aesthetic experience. Each project we provide with architectural concepts is unique and meets the highest expectations in its aesthetics. It speaks to the audience and carries a certain message.
  • Making safety a cornerstone. We develop architectural and engineering concepts for the sake of future safe exploitation of the construction.

What We Adhere to When Developing Concepts for Design for Architecture

Besides the main features, while planning the architectural concept design, we consider fire standards, inclusion standards and requirements for accessibility to make each project a safe and accessible place for everyone,

Considering global trends is also a part of our work, as we keep our finger on the pulse and involve the newest trends and new-gen technologies in the process of architecture design concepts’ development.

We achieve maximum GLA and high energy-efficiency indicators of buildings to make them meet international standards of environmental friendliness and energy-saving standards. This allows the investor to get an architecturally attractive and fast payback project.

The Techniques and Technologies Applied in Architectural Conceptual Design in UVT GROUP

Our experience and the scope of technologies we operate give us an opportunity to develop variability of architectural concepts from the simplest to the most complex ones. We are proud of our opportunities in design concepts in architecture, as we offer our clients the following ones:

  • integrating mathematical modeling of flows of people for future projects,
  • modeling of energy efficiency,
  • lighting and sun exposure modeling, etc.

Consequently, we gain the highest indicators of project investment attractiveness in the selected area. Our company also evaluates the use of land and selects the best spots for construction sites. Working in collaboration with consulting companies, specializing in marketing, law, and land surveying, we develop projects which are realistic for implementation.

The Main Stages of Concept Development at UVT GROUP:

  • We evaluate the land area. We determine which type of real estate is the most suitable to build there and the required square meters for construction without violating the regulations, and consider the architectural attractiveness of a project.
  • Furthermore, we help to understand the concept in variable ways for project implementation. For example, when developing a project, we consider its perspectives: whether it can only be a residential building, or we can develop acondominium combined with trade, commerce, office spaces etc.
  • We perform technical and economic indicators to calculate the investment and financial model of the project, with a clear estimated cost provided for clients.
  • We offer several options to develop unique proposals for building facades.
  • Providing the engineering concept. We calculate the load on engineering networks to comply with technical specifications, as well as prepare tasks for the next stages of design.

So the customer receives the final product at this stage of our cooperation. The results of our architectural concept design are a clear vision of what the project will look like, which features can be added to it, whether it complies with regulations and permits for the area, and which options are suitable to implement in the field of engineering and general design. Getting an architecture concept in advance is the way to clearly evaluate the investment attractiveness of the project and its perspectives.

We offer customers all the benefits from concept development in UVT GROUP and develop unique and cost-efficient projects in the architecture and construction industries.

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