Design of a new airport terminal in the city of Dnipro – work continues

Currently, a lot of attention is focused on the start of the construction of a new airport in the city of Dnipro. We are happy to share the status of work on the design of new airport terminals and ancillary facilities. Last year, the UVT GROUP team (chief designer) successfully completed the SD, DD stages and Preparatory Work Project. In December 2020 received a positive conclusion of the state examination.

Working documentation is already issued to the customer for tenders. In the near future, all the working documentation of the main terminal, the master plan with engineering networks will be issued. For the last three months, in addition to design, work has been carried out to coordinate engineering networks with structural and architectural models, taking into account the link to the developed interiors of the building.

UVT GROUP successfully uses the potential of BIM management, has its own standard of work. The platform for the work is the software product Revit from Autodesk, which executes all, without exception, sections of the project, including the master plan and on-site networks. Virtual reality tools help to track intersection errors with simultaneous rendering from the main BIM model.

This is the third terminal of the airport, performed by the UVT GROUP team, each time improving the design skills and improving the quality of the design team.

We are confident that this approach to design will save the customer a lot of time and budget during the construction and maintenance of the facility.