Implementation of the Bar “Bezdel’niki” (“Loafers”)

UVT Group have completed the design and construction of one of Kyiv’s best new bars – “Bezdel’Niki”. The Group, under the leadership of chief architect Alexei Agafonov performed all aspects of the work from architecture and MEP design to installation and commissioning.

To create a memorable experience for customers, the interior architecture design called for some interesting features. The floor of the bar is laid with laser-cut metal tiles; on the ceiling, above the metal beams, is an old, painted parquet with a unique pattern. Other highlights of the bar are a children’s carousel redone as a table, an instamatic photo-booth , a dynamic wall between toilets, movable guides for beer dispensers, and many other interior details that make the bar unique.

With regards M&E design, the bar is heated by air heat pumps, electric convectors with multizone supplies and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery capability. The system is automated and self-monitoring enabling performance in different loading modes for minimal operating costs.

Added to this all is a mouth watering menu of snacks and cocktails guaranteeing customers a great time.