Passenger Flows at Dnipro International Airport

UVT GROUP has vast experience in the design of airports and aviation technology.

Our work is based on the  range of analysis, calculations and simulations of many aspects of airport functioning and flows that ensure our design is verified and performs to the highest level.

Passenger flow incorporates time for all stages of passenger service from check-in, baggage drop and passing through security check points to time in duty free zones and at gate departure. The calculation alsoconsiders the schedule of flights, the daily airport load, etc.

The advantage of the simulation is variation in people’s behavior according to varied passenger demographics: deviation from the typical flow trajectory and different behavior of married couples with children, without children or ndividuals. It helps to identify the potential bottlenecks of passenger flow throughout the airport as well as understand the maximum throughput potential of the entire complex. The video shows several airport congestion options.


The heat maps show the density of people per square meter according to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards. The red zone corresponds to 1.5 sq. m per person, that is  acceptable level according to ICAO requirements.