Art school in Borodyanka

New art school in Borodyanka designed by UVT GROUP.

UVT GROUP, an architectural and construction company, has developed a concept for rebuilding a part of the city. One of Borodianka’s most important projects is the School of Arts, which is to appear on the site of the ashes left by the Russian invaders.

“The architecture of the school pursues several goals: high functionality and flexibility of use due to the versatility of the layout and the soft aesthetics of minimalism. There is a lot of light in the spacious classrooms, which means there is a lot of room for creativity. The main façade of the school faces south, where the sun is the most powerful, and so we enveloped it in gentle waves, reminiscent of the applied arts and the free natural flow of creativity. Light concrete contrasts with the warmth of wood, creating an atmosphere of comfort and security.”

The new art school is named after Max Levin, a Ukrainian photojournalist who was killed by Russian invaders.

The area of the school is 2200 square meters.

About 150 children will study at the school

Authors of the project: Anna Shepelenko,  Oleksii Agafonov