The concept of reconstruction of Tsentralna Street in Borodyanka

In 2023, as part of the “Vidrodjenia” program and on the initiative of the Code of Administrative Offenses, a tender was announced for the implementation of the concept of reconstruction of the central street in the settlement of Borodyanka, which is located 60 km from Kyiv. The city of Borodyanka suffered greatly as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine and during the occupation. The UVT GROUP team developed the concept of reconstruction, the general appearance of each type of existing residential and non-residential buildings to bring the appearance of the city into a single style that was agreed with the city community. Currently, thanks to our work, all projects carried out by various construction and design organizations have a single modern look. Borodyanka will have a new face, updated roads and the very essence of a modern city – no hint of suffering.

As a result of Russian aggression, the following were destroyed in the city of Borodyanka and the surrounding areas:

  • Housing: Apartment buildings – 81 buildings, of which 10 are being dismantled, Private houses – 2116 houses, of which 378 are being dismantled.
  • Educational institutions Schools – 10 institutions, kindergartens – 6 institutions
  • Administrative buildings and CNAP of 13 institutions, of which 6 are being dismantled
  • Social security institutions – 2 institutions, of which 1 is dismantling
  • Cultural institutions and religious buildings 7 institutions, of which 1 is being dismantled
  • Housing and communal facilities – 20 boiler houses