Reconstruction of the residential quarter of St. Bagirova, Gostomel highway in the city of Irpin

In May 2023, under the “Vidrodjenia” program and initiated by the Kyiv Oblast State Administration, the restoration of buildings on Bagirova Street and Hostomelske Highway in the city of Irpin, located 30 km from Kyiv, began. The UVT GROUP team developed a concept for the reconstruction, the general design of several streets, and types of houses for the fastest restoration. In this residential district, due to Russian aggression against Ukraine, 87 residential buildings were destroyed.

Forty-one addresses were subjected to major repairs, and 46 buildings were scheduled for complete reconstruction.

Several companies were involved to quickly carry out the work by developing individual housing projects: UVT GROUP (25 buildings) and “Ukr Proekt” (21 buildings). The active phase of construction is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

To speed up the project implementation, several types of houses have been designed that can be used in other settlements with both compact and open construction conditions.