Reconstruction of the terminal of Vinnitsa International Airport

Vinnytsia is one of the fastest growing regions of Ukraine. The city of Ideas has become a slogan for Vinnytsia for a reason. Plenty of industrial parks, modern production facilities with foreign investments are built and under construction in Vinnytsia region. Of course, for such a city it is necessary to revitalize its own airport. Convenient location of the terminal allows you to reach the city center in 30-40 minutes. The airport has regular international flights to Tel Aviv and Poland, also to Egypt, and a regular flight to Kiev.

The increasing number of flights has inspired the city to undergo major renovations. For this purpose, the reconstruction of the runway and, in fact, the existing terminal of the Vinnitsa International Airport were commissioned. UVT GROUP was entrusted with the concept of reconstruction with consideration of technological requirements and preservation of existing dimensions of the building. UVT GROUP has extensive experience in the design of technologically sophisticated facilities, namely, airport terminals and service facilities.

In order to start designing, a more elaborate construction and creation of detailed point clouds was done, using BIM model research. Project-free design, using project stages, used in BIM, in the central model, to connect all project participants. The Project stage is currently supported. The project and documentation are submitted to the represented state office. Working Documentation is supported simultaneously.

The reconstructed terminal will have an approximate area of 11,000 m2. Remodeled bomb shelter, complete redevelopment of rooms, built up third floor, separate entrance for VIPs and two gates to depart passengers. The terminal will also be able to attach jet bridges, the ability to expand the international area without redesigning the technological process.

According to modern requirements, the new terminal meets the class A, B energy efficiency. To achieve this, a number of steps were taken: insulation of the facade and its complete replacement with modern insulation materials and ceramic coating, new glazing based on Reynaers facade systems. All engineering systems meet energy efficiency class A, B, equipment is equipped with heat recuperators, air heat pumps are used, VRV air conditioning system. The project provides a modern BMS dispatching and automation system based on Siemens equipment, which has to control all temperature parameters, taking into account different work zones, operation of the heat station, operation of all systems of engineering and fire protection.

The project is unique, with a distinct facade and modern interior. For the city, it will become a hallmark of modern approaches to the city’s development. The facility has a reinforced concrete frame, some of the floor panels will be removed for the possibility of building the 2nd and 3rd floors up. The project meets the CC3 impact class, with a seismicity of 7 points. The project also includes: pumping station of fire and drinking water supply, modern parking, with places for electric cars and landscaping.

Airport technology provides luggage capacity of up to 400 luggage per hour, the terminal is equipped with all fire protection equipment, takes into account the requirements of people with disabilities and equipped with the necessary medical measures. The planning solutions meet ICAO standards, and the individually designed mathematical model and the model for calculating the evacuation of people by fire were used to calculate the flow of people at the terminal, taking into account the schedule of the terminal traffic.

The interior design maximizes the metal structure and concrete frame of the building while remaining light and spacious. Equipped with additional transparent elevators, metal stairs with durable coating. On the ceiling of the second light and above the stairwells there are light lanterns which provide additional illumination in the space of the room and perform the function of smoke removal, which made it possible to avoid large air ducts of smoke removal and compensation. The building features VIP lounges with modern cozy interiors and a conference room.

Design work, work maintenance, interior design were done in a single BIM model, using BIM Management technologies, building model was executed, which is a complete digital counterpart, with master plan, external networks, interiors.

The copyright for the project belongs to the chief architect of the project Oleksiy Agafonov and LLC “UVT GROUP”.