While the war continues, we visualize the future. We have hope and will rebuild everything. In the meantime, we will show a few renderings and workings of the future VIP terminal in Dnipro, which has already started construction and was supposed to be completed this year. It will have a distinctive architecture, energy efficiency class A, and include state-of-the-art engineering networks.
Not before the construction of airports. And in general, aviation, like other industries, is going through the most difficult times.
But, no matter what, victory will be for Ukraine and we will rebuild our state.
The aviation industry is struggling with uncertainty, but it is necessary to invest in the future. Once won, airports will become the foundation for the development of core infrastructure, new technologies, sustainability strategies and open-door experiences, and around public airspace can generate new revenue streams and serve as their own destinations.
UVT GROUP has extensive experience in designing international airport terminals. We know how the airport can become not only a place of logistical connection, but also a basis for raising the economy of our country.
The airport in Dnipro should become an important center of air communication between Ukraine and the world. Thanks to which the tourist importance of the city will increase and conducting small, medium and large, or international business will become more convenient and comfortable.
UVT GROUP – Building the country together!