Industrial design

UVT GROUP in cooperation with SHABANOV INDUSTRIAL DESIGN provides design activity of industrial facilities:

  • Architecture of industrial and public buildings
  • Metal and reinforced concrete structures
  • Power supply
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • General plan and transport
  • Design of non-standard equipment
  • Communication and video surveillance
  • Automation of production control systems



Projects performed:

  • Float glass factories in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan
  • Metallurgical and foundry industries in russia and Kazakhstan
  • Heavy engineering plants in Ukraine and russia
  • Factories for the production of military equipment and dual-use equipment in China and Myanmar
  • Airports in Ukraine and Turkmenistan
  • Bridges and transport communications in Ukraine and russia
  • Thermal power plants with installation of steam turbines in russia and Ukraine
  • Distribution substations up to 110/10 kW in Ukraine and Turkmenistan