Cover over the stands of the Metallurg Stadium in Kryvyi Rih, concept

In order to comply with the standards of international matches and to protect visitors from snow and rain the pre-design proposal provides a membrane covering on metal rack-cable structures.


  • The estimated area of the membrane coating is 31000 sq.m.
  • Number of bearing supports – 92 pcs.
  • Estimated amount of metal – 3260 t.

Option 1

As bearing constructions it is assumed to use metal support-countertruces holding the central stabilizing ring with the help of the bath-tub, which provides for the placement of engineering systems, lighting, broadcasting, electricity and video control.

The main bearing wall-counter-force placed around already built bowl of the stadium complementing the existing architectural image of the building.


The height of such rack is approximately 30m.

From the north and south sides counterforms take the form of solemn colonnade, thus building the main visual and composition axis.

It is proposed to use ultra-stable membrane surface that would protect spectators from precipitation and due to light-transmitting properties provide the possibility of daylight inside the stadium and on the lawn supporting its growth.

Option 2